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    Project Fresh Start

    free and fresh food

Welcome to
Project Fresh Start!

Project Fresh Start is a registered charity organisation that provides free plant-based food to the community. Our focus is on providing free, healthy fresh plant-based food and education around healthy eating and living in a way that sustains the individual, the community, the animals, and the planet.

Saturday lunch dates (2024)

saturday lunches

  • Jan: Closed
  • Feb: 3rd, 24th
  • Mar: 2nd, 30th
  • Apr: 6th, 27th
  • May: 4th, 25th
  • Jun: 1st, 29th

saturday lunches

  • Jul: 6th, 27th
  • Aug: 3rd, 31st
  • Sep: 7th, 28th
  • Oct: 5th, 26th
  • Nov: 2nd, 30th
  • Dec: 7th

Our mission

Our mission is to address the challenges of food insecurity and food waste. We aim to eliminate the obstacles faced by marginalized groups, such as the long-term unemployed, the elderly, individuals with disabilities, women, indigenous communities, and those from low socioeconomic backgrounds in accessing nutritious plant-based foods. Our initiatives are designed to achieve this goal by repurposing food waste to create healthy meals and fostering social cohesion through community lunches and food education programs.

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Plant-based food

 Plant based foods are full of fibre, minerals and nutrients that help to lower cholesterol, inflamation and the risk of cardiovascular disease, bowel cancer and type two diabetes. They also reduce the suffering of animals and have a far less detrimental effect on the planet than animal based foods.

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 Feeling connected to your community can be as beneficial to your health as the food you eat. Our projects aim to bring people together from different backgrounds, cultures and values to share and learn from each other in safe inclusive environments.

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Food waste

 Each year in Victoria 250,000 tonnes of food gets thrown away and we want to change the direction of this waste away from landfill and into healthy meals for our community. The name Project Fresh Start represents the creation of something beneficial and positive from such a huge negative global issue.

Social objectives & outcomes

Project Fresh Start is committed to playing its part in achieving social objectives and outcomes in the areas of:

  • Opportunities for Victorian Aboriginal people;
  • Opportunities for Victorian with a disability;
  • Women’s equality and safety;
  • Opportunities for Victorian priority jobseekers;
  • Supporting safe and fair workplaces;
  • Sustainable Victorian social enterprise and Aboriginal business sectors; and
  • Sustainable Victorian regions.
  • Further information on our social objectives and outcomes is available in Initiatives.
Our projects

Our current projects include our community lunches which run on the first and last Saturday of each month at Orwil Street Community House, 16 Orwil Street Frankston, Victoria and the community fridges which are located at Orwil Street Community House, 16 Orwil Street Frankston, Victoria (Open 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday) and 20 Young St, Frankston, Victoria (Open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday).

Our food is available to everyone in the community and it is very important to us to provide a safe and inclusive space for people to connect and feel welcome. Our core belief is that every person should have access to fresh healthy plant based food.